Malossi Over Range Variator - (16mm Spline)

Malossi Over Range Variator - (16mm Spline)

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Application - Crankshaft with 16mm Splined shaft (Stock 90/100c Cranks)



Innovative features of the new MULTIVAR 2000 MHR speed variators

  •  Sliding rails with a new profile
  •  New HTROLL rolls
  •  Equipped with two roll sets with varying basic weight
  • Steel-alloy hub with hard cadmium insert on the sliding surface, both ground and lapped
  • A wide selection of HTROLL rolls with different basic weights is available for optimal set-up

As to versions for Piaggio engines, rail and roll dimensions were increased and a new roll guide cover was fitted.

Technical data

  • Application range: 28 to 88 mm in average Ø (useful size on chain sliding surface: 20 to 99.5 mm in Ø)
  • Mobile split pulley made of high silicon grade special alloy, surface treated with hardened chemical nickel
  •  Sintered bronze self-lubricating bushing
  • Steel-alloy hub with hard cadmium insert on the sliding surface, both ground and lapped
  •  Steel roll guide cover, heat treated and surface burnished
  • Gauged high resistant HTROLL rolls made of special CPT, basic weight marked on one side
  • Driven split pulley contrast spring made of pre-hardened steel-chrome-silicon, painted in different colours according to the relative K value


The Minarelli version includes a fixed vented split pulley made of a high silicon steel alloy and provided with hardened chemical nickel insert.


No wonder then if with a variator that features such sophisticated engineering, your scooter suddenly has that extra sprint, a consistency in shifting, a greater mechanical "ease" at high speeds and a constancy in performance you've never experienced before with the original version.


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