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SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143
SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143

Malossi Clutch Shoe Springs - Black (2500RPM)

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Clutch Shoe Springs Malossi Delta/Fly Clutches

Softest to Firm - Red, Blue, Black


3 sets, of three, three colors, three tensions. these are the rad clutch springs for using on your derbi flat reed clutch. jimmy's got em, i have em. if you can get these on your clutch, which is no easy task, then get ready for some extra rev and the derbi lurch!

also these are for the malossi MHR delta and fly scooter performance clutches

supposedly the reds are also great on fa50 with the MLM pipe!

length = 28.3mm
diameter = 9.7mm 29 8747
SKU: 298745