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SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143
SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143

Malossi 107mm Clutch Bell - Pro Race

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Wing Clutch Bell ? Forged Steel Alloy

for Automatic Scooters CVT

The clutch bell has been developed and manufactured in our Calderara di Reno engineering plant using proprietary processes.

Machined from a single steel alloy-forging, surface hardened and tempered, no welds, these new clutch bells feature an innovative manufacturing process and attention to the finest details guarantee a highest quality product.

Designed and developed by our engineering department and handed over directly to our manufacturing, where our latest generation of Numerically Controlled lathes convert the 3-D solid models into final products.

The clutch bell machining process starts with a forging and exits the NC lathe completely finished, ready for heat-treating and wear resistant/anti-corrosion surface treatment, with no human intervention.

Technical Specifications
  • Forged clutch bell, without welds, made of 39NiCrMo5 steel, nitrogen surface hardened with an antioxidant surface treatment.
  • Machined finned reinforcement corona enhances heat dissipation, protecting the clutch's friction material, tested to over 20,000 RPM.
  • Radial scraping holes added to the contact surface, sized and positioned to continually clean the clutch's friction material.
  • Original system concept with openings designed to create dynamic ventilation and offering the possibility to adjust the internal clutch settings.
  • Highest levels of finishes and extreme close tolerances maintained.

Working Surface Tolerances

  • Surface finish Ra 0.5 µm
  • Circular Runout: 0.05 mm
  • Circularity: 0.08 mm
  • Balancing: 0.5 g

Made in Italy "Malossi"

High Tech response to low quality counterfeits

Malossi does not stop after the design stage, asking others to manufacture what its engineers developed: Malossi follows thru by manufacturing in-house, researching the best materials, and following step for step the development of its products that bear the Malossi logo.

This is what makes the difference!


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