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SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143
SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143

Individual Flexx Handlebar Elastomers

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Flexx Handlebar Replacement Elastomers


Keep your Flexx Handlebars performing like new.

Just like your suspension, elastomers should be freshened up. We recommend changing your elastomers every off season to be sure your Flexx Handlebars are performing as intended.

Flexx Handlebars have two different kinds of elastomers. A compression elastomer on the inside, and a rebound elastomer on the outside. The compression elastomer is about an inch thick whereas the outer rebound elastomer is noticeably thinner, only about a half inch thick. If you get these mixed up and run two compression elastomers on each side your bar will be extremely stiff and not perform as it should. 


Compression Elastomer Color Break Down:
(#1) Red - Hard
(#2) Yellow - Medium
(#3) Blue - Soft
(#4) Green - VERY Soft, great in our Low Bar and Mini Bends. 

Rebound Elastomer Color Break Down:
(#1) Red - Hard
(#2) Yellow - Medium



Setup Tips

  1. Most Common Setup - Everyone is a little different with what they want out of the Flexx Bar. Most riders prefer yellow compression elastomers with red rebounds. If you're trying to minimize as much vibration as possible you'll likely end up on a blue compression elastomer and yellow rebound with the elastomer nut backed off to the 2nd or 3rd thread. 
  2. OE Adjustments - We ship the bar with red compression elastomers and red rebound elastomers. The stock setting on the nut is 3 threads showing past the nut. This set up is on the stiffer side of what the bar is capable of. 
  3. Fine Tuning Tips - Each elastomer is tunable on it’s own by going in or out with the nut. You can run the elastomer nut anywhere from the 2nd thread to the 5th thread. If you go in on the nut it will stiffen the bars, going out will make the bar more compliant, we consider this the fine tuning between elastomers. 
  4. Compression And Rebound - We can't stress this one enough. Please be sure you're not running two compression elastomers on each side. You should be running a thicker compression elastomer on the inside and a thinner rebound elastomer on the outside. If you're running two compression elastomers the bar will be substantially stiffer than they should and not an accurate depiction of what the Flexx Handlebar is capable of. For more detail watch the short videos below.



    Elastomer Installation


    Fine Tuning Elastomers For Performance

     Vendor: FASST