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SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143
SHOWROOM : 4020 Mannsville Road | PHONE : 717-319-6143

(04) Low RPM Engagement Kit - Malossi

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Heavier bodied clutch to help lower clutch engagement - especially helpful for new rider or in the woods



Centrifugal clutch system with clutch bell for scooter SPORT

System comprises the famous :

  • Reinforced clutch for extreme street use (Fly Clutch)
  • In addition, steel (DC04) clutch bell (Clutch Bell) dynamically balanced.

Fly System : two products that Malossi produces and sells separately, with great success.

Malossi now offers these two quality products paired, guaranteeing the optimal scooter transmission performance.

Due to the strong demand for these two products, we decided to offer them both in a single package.

This allows Malossi to supply two quality products with a cost savings for the customer.


Fly Clutch

Fly Clutch is a reinforced centrifugal clutch designed to easily withstand extreme operation, for example, constant stop and go on steep roads, city traffic, long series of traffic lights, especially with a passenger, and during hot weather when it becomes difficult to control scooter temperature levels.

Fly profits greatly from Malossi's experience, results acquired from research and thousands of tests performed in the field of scooter racing.


Clutch Bell

Technical Specifications

  • Clutch Bell forged using Fe DC04 deep-drawing steel;
  • Carbon steel centre hub made of round stock and TIG welded;
  • Anti-vibration band welded using a 3 point 120° pattern;
  • 100% dynamically balanced;
  • Surface hardened through nitriding.

Further improving a product is Malossi's passion, constantly searching for any aspect to improve hence optimizing operation and increasing reliability and safety. This directly benefits the customer.